Established in 1996

Today, we are Sheffield’s leading provider of Natural Burial

Peace Funerals have been providing natural burial services to families for over 25 years.

Driven by the desire to make environmentally-friendly funeral options available, we established two of the first natural burial grounds in the UK – South Yorkshire Woodland Burial Ground at Ulley and Golden Valley Woodland Burial Ground. And twenty five years on, we are still committed to extending ‘greener’ choices to families, both as cemetery managers and funeral directors.

We have always provided alternative coffins. We designed, and created, the first willow coffin to be used in the UK (the ‘Mawdesley’) which is made exclusively from sustainable resources and is still in use today. We also provide coffins made from everything from cardboard to bamboo, banana leaf to pandanus, all of which have good environmental credentials.

Our most recent commitment to the environment is the creation of a new natural burial ground at Apperknowle, a village nestled just three miles to the south of Sheffield. A local viewpoint, you can see from here for miles across the Drone Valley and across to the eastern slopes of The Peak.

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Dedicated single point of contact
  • Pioneers in providing funeral choices
  • Good reputation
  • Attentive and calm
  • Personalised funeral plans

What have families said about our burial grounds?

Here are the lovely comments we have recently received...

A beautiful tranquil place to come and remember your loved ones.

We interred my dad's ashes at the South Yorkshire Site back in may. The birds were singing and there were many varieties of wild flowers and tree blossom in bloom. You are able to plant bulbs and plants on your family plots. The green burial ground is well maintained the main paths through the wood...

Rachel Marsden, South Yorkshire Woodland Burial Ground

I saw bees, birds, butterflies and the first blossoms of Spring

My mum had the second burial at the South Yorkshire site back in 1995. At the beginning it was a furrowed field. Now it is an actual woodland! I was so pleased to visit this weekend and see how it is flourishing. I saw bees, birds, butterflies and the first blossoms of Spring. My mum loved being in ...

Rosie Grant

Peaceful, attractive in a naturalistic way with trees, shrubs, wild flowers and birds.